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The WSSE is the network from which the ALOE network emerged. The website includes an important number of general documents, or other more specific from different sectors of solidarity economy (Vision of a SE, Indicators, Fair Trade, Solidarity Finance, Social Money, Women and Economy, Social Responsibility, International regulations, Environmental Justice, Ecological Debt and Sustainable Development). 5 years of archives showing the wealth of reflexion on solidarity economy at the international level.

IRIS is the Inter-network of responsible economy initiatives.founded in January 2007, it is the connection between European andinternational networks representing different families of responsibleeconomy initiatives: responsible finance (FEBEA, INAISE), Fair Trade(IFAT), responsible consumption (ASECO), local partnerships betweenfarmers and consumers (URGENCI) and Social Integration Enterprises(ENSIE), with the participation and support of institutional partners(Council of Europe and the Trento Autonomous Province,Italie).

IRISaims to create synergies between the different networks in order tofight against pauverty and social exclusion and promote sustainablesocial development with responsible economy.

Global network aiming at reinforcing dynamics of intercontinental exchanges and the various ways of thinking about the Social Solidarity Economy, and promoting the principles, values, and practices as well as networking of actors of the social solidarity economy.

The 4th International Forum Globalization of Solidarity, organized by Ripess and Inees, will take place in Luxembourg, on 22-25 April, 2009.

The Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSEHub) reaches out to practitioners, to researchers and to civil society, through the regional research centres and their community partners. It undertakes research as needed in order to understand and promote the Social Economy tradition within Canada and as a subject of academic enquiry within universities.

The Coalition of Socially Responsible Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia (CSRSME Asia) have developed a web portal ( for the Asian Alliance for Solidarity Economy (AASE). The objective of the aa4se portal is to amplify policies and programs that support the advancement of solidarity economy in Asia.

Asia is one of the regions of the world where new economic practices have flourished. Every two years a meeting will be held to discuss new initiatives such as Fair Trade, solidarity-based Supply chains, ethical investments, and microfinance, in this continent. The next one will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in 2009.

Please find below the monthly INEES (Institut Européen de l’Economie Solidaire – European Institute of the Solidarity-based Economy) Newsletter. Each edition discusses a specific topic that is of particular relevance to the solidarity-based economy and/or present a prominent actor or event from the solidarity-based economy.

You will find the previous Newsletters on

The mission of the U.S. Solidarity Economy Network is to connect a diverse array of individuals, organizations, businesses and projects in the shared work of building and strengthening regional, national and international movements for a solidarity economy.