4th Ciriec International Conference : Social economy on the move… at the crossroads of structural change and regulation
University of Antwerp, Belgium
24-26 October 2013
To provide a forum of scientific debate, CIRIEC initiated in 2007 a biennial conference in social economy research. Without excluding practitioners or (...)
the 5th RIPESS Global Forum of Social Solidarity Economy
Manilla, Philippines
15 to 18 october 2013
Official languages of the RIPESS Global Forum 2013: English, French, and Spanish. Details Day 1 * Opening Ceremony A formal moment of the meeting, (...)
4th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise If Not For Profit, For What? And How? Call for papers till February 15, 2013
Liège, Belgium
July 1-4 ,2013
The EMES European Research Network, in partnership with the Centre for Social Economy at HEC Management School of the University of Liege, invites you to (...)
World Summit of Solidarity Finance: Promoting economic and inclusive justice
Oaxaca, México
May 29 and 30, 2013
The International Association of Investors in the Social Economy, INAISE and the Latin American and Caribbean Forum for Rural Finance, FOROLACFR, organize (...)
Potential and limits of social and solidarity Economy, UnRISD,
Geneva, Switzerland
May 6-8, 2013
This symposium of the United nations Research Institute for Social Development seeks to: (i) understand the conditions and contexts that enable social (...)

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