24th, 25th and 26th November 2010
4th edition of the World Forum Lille
Lille, France

You’ll find here the conferences content that will be dealt with during this meeting.

We are also working on our "Manifesto of The Responsible Company". It is a strong statement made by companies who declare, in writing, that business can be done responsibly and proven by concrete actions. Its drafting will take place throughout the first half of 2010, and will involve companies from all over the world as contributors and signers.

Framework text from Philippe VASSEUR, President of the World Forum Lille

It is unanimous: the world can not continue to turn as it has done so far, but the leaders of the nations that make up this world struggle to agree on indispensible measures. Granting that their decisions are absolutely necessary, they still may be insufficient. Everyone, on each of the five continents, must make their individual contribution to the collective solution.

Thus, the evolution of the global economy depends on each company. The search for profit - a condition of survival and development of the company - is compatible with respect for the interests of the planet and its people once it takes on a long-term perspective.

The best practices implemented in all regions of the globe by companies of all kinds show that environmental and social implications are not only compatible with economic performance but can be an element of sustainable strategy as well.

The mission of the World Forum Lille is to show concretely that the responsible company (economically, socially and environmentally) is not a utopia but a reality. Its uniqueness and its originality lies in the promotion of best practices from around the world, representing all examples which should be followed to give another dimension to the economy: overall responsibility.

In 2007, the first session of the World Forum Lille was devoted to “diversity and equal opportunities for employment.” In 2008, it was best practices to "nourish and protect the planet” which were put forward. 2009 highlighted "responsible finance" on the spot in the midst of an economic recession. 2010 is the year of "the responsible company” in all areas.

For more details, download the framework note on our 2010 event: Framework note World Forum Lille - August 2010