2 to 4 June 2010
Restoring sense to money
Brussels, Belgium

INAISE, International Association of social finance organisations, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The annual conference 2010 is therefore not to be missed!

Introduction to the theme:

The worst financial turmoil since the 1930’s has shaken the world and has led in its wake to a global economic crisis.

Citizens ‘trust in the Finance industry has been severely damaged and new ways in finance are being looked for.

Social finance in its various forms has shown a remarkable resilience against the crisis and experience a strong and growing interest from the public.

This conference will look at the reasons for that resilience and on how social finance can inspire mainstream finance and regulators in the attempts to reconnect finance with real economy - giving the sense back to finance.

Let us have finance to serve society!

The provisional programme is now available here.