January 28 and 29, 2010
International Conference: Growth in Transition
Vienna, Austria

Prosperity and quality of life call for economic strategies that are soundly financed, equitably allocated, that deal responsibly with the world’s resources, while taking into account the material and immaterial needs of mankind. Such a positive future scenario cannot be put on the same level with a permanent or even exponential increase of theeconomic production (GDP).

We can achieve this goal by taking specific measures to alter the incentive systems and regulations of our national economies. While this is the responsibility of governments, the design of those measures must be the result of a wide public debate. The international conference in Vienna aims to start such a wide debate on ›Growth in Transition‹ with various stakeholders and to contemplate first approaches.

Growth in Transition will be discussed at the conference on the basis of the following topics:

- Money and the Financial System
- Growth and Resource Use
- Social Justice and Poverty
- Sustainable Production and Consumption
- Regional Aspects
- Macroeconomics for Sustainability
- Quality of Life and Measurement of Prosperity
- Work
- Governance
- Sustainable Management

Among an elaborate programme developed by the initiators of the conference, one of the highlights will be the video message of Elinor Ostrom awarded the 2009 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences which will be displayed on the 28th January 2010. All necessary elements to engage a wide debate with various stakeholders about fair and sustainable growth strategies for the 21st century are provided.

You can find the detailed Conference Programme here

See an article by Leida Rijnhout for the Conference on : http://www.nachhaltigkeit.at/article/articleview/80599/1/26595/