The New Economy, Summer 2009 issue of Yes! Magazine
United States

TABLE OF CONTENTS with online articles:

New Visions Solving today’s big problems will take more than a quick fix. These authors offer clarity about the roots of our problems and visions of a better way.

Why This Crisis May Be Our Best Chance Wall Street is bankrupt. Instead of trying to save it, we can build a new economy that puts money and business in the service of people and the planet—not the other way around. By David Korten

HOW YOU’RE MAKING IT THROUGH: Our readers share their strategies for surviving and thriving in hard economic times.

Rebecca Adamson. Old Wisdom for the New Economy Indigenous peoples have learned a few things about making it through hard times. Rebecca Adamson discusses what traditional economies did to foster abundance, sharing, and harmony with Mother Earth. An interview by Sarah van Gelder

31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy Build a secure, sustainable economy beginning at home and in your community. By Sarah van Gelder

Thrift and Shift… A different recipe is needed—with fresh priorities: let’s make things that last and shift to a new, green economic engine that provides well-being for all. By Alisa Gravitz

World & Community New models that foster justice and real prosperity, and sustain the Earth’s living systems. How can we bring these models to life and put them to work?

People Power Pushed the New Deal Roosevelt didn’t come up with all those progressive programs on his own. By Sarah Anderson

Money from Nothing Think your money comes from the U.S. Mint? Think again. By James Robertson

Dollars with Good Sense: DIY Cash Three ways ordinary people are printing their own money without breaking the law. By Judith Schwartz

The Power of One Stories of people who find their courage, open their hearts, and discover what it means to be human in today’s world.

Local banks can change the world, one investment at a time. By Zach Carter

Put Your Money Where Your Life Is Americans want to invest locally: here’s how. By Michael Shuman

Worker Co-ops Green and just jobs you can own.

Worker co-op turns trash into treasure MONDRAGÓN:Look who makes the profits CLEVELAND: Rust-belt to recovery

Vandana Shiva on Gandhi for Today’s World Some say terrorism makes Gandhi irrelevant. Vandana Shiva, farmer, seed saver, and global justice activist, says we need him more than ever. Interview by David Barsamian

Sherman Alexie, How Dare You Tell the Truth? A young, native writer’s ambush interview with Sherman Alexie throws her into a whirlpool of unanswerable questions about tribal loyalty, silence, and healing. By Heather Purser