November 7-10, 2009
Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009
Tokyo, Japan

The First Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy (AFSE) was inaugurated in Manila (the Philippines) in October 2007. Approximately 700 people took part in this event mainly from Asian countries. Its most remarkable outcome is that the AFSE permitted various solidarity economy activities in the Asian region to communicate with one another. The significance of this event is also attested by the fact that it led to the launching of a meeting between social entrepreneurs and social responsibility investors (Kuala Lumpur, March 2009), which eventually marked a new dimension of solidarity economy. On the closing day of the AFSE 2007, it was decided to hold a second forum in Japan in 2009 and a third one in India in 2011.

The Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009 was launched on 25 April 2008, to make the Second AFSE a real success. It aims to consolidate the communication between various experiences of Japanese solidarity economy activities as well as the collaboration with civil societies in other Asian countries, holding regular intermediate meetings.

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