June 2009
The final report of the project pilot of ALOE is now available on our website

In June 2008, the Coordination and Facilitation Committee (CFC) of ALOE (Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and Solidarity Economy) firmed up the ALOE Call for Proposals. Before embarking on a global outreach, Aloe decided to set up a pilot project, called "Broadening the ALOE Dialogue in Asia ".

You will find here the final report of this project, written by Benjamin Quiñones. It describes the decisions of the Group of Experts that gathered in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2008, then the findings of the Regional Workshop of Kuala Lumpur that took place in March 2009. These were related both to a definition of the social enterprise and to what adjustments are required in order that Socially Responsible Investors meet the needs of these social enterprises.

Finally, the report announces the events that are going to be held as steps for the mobilisation of SSE national networks towards the constitution of the Asian Alliance of Solidarity Economy (AASE) and that lead our Asian partners until 2013!

Our best wishes for this proactive and enthusiast dynamics!