1-4 July 2009
2nd EMES International Conference on Social Enterprise
Trento, Italy

The Conference, hosted by Euricse and the University of Trento, aims to gather scholars from all regions of the world – both senior and early-stage researchers – who have recently contributed to enrich the research and debate on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, in advanced as well as in developing and transition countries.

About the Organizers

The EMES European Research Network Created in 1996, EMES has developed into a leading research network focused on the study of social enterprises and third sector organizations. On the basis of a large European research project carried out over five years, the Network organized the 1st EMES International Conference, titled "The Social Enterprise". A comparative perspective, at the University of Trento in 2001. This event and the first EMES book, The Emergence of Social Enterprise (Routledge, 2001), launched the topic of “social enterprise” as a research theme on the European scene. They also succeeded in promoting a more widespread knowledge of the concept of social enterprise, both in Europe and outside Europe, and pinpointed new research themes that have been thoroughly investigated in recent years.

EMES also promotes the development of innovative analytical frameworks on social enterprise among scholars engaged in third sector research through events such as the European conferences co-organized with the International Society for Third Sector Research in 2005 and 2008. EMES has been publishing the results of its research in the form of seminal books and a Working Papers series (the latter is available at www.emes.net).

About EURICSE EURICSE is a newly established research centre that is committed to further developing research and training activities carried out by the Institute for the Development of Non-profit Organizations (ISSAN – University of Trento). It was founded by the Federazione Trentina delle Cooperative, the University of Trento, Cooperatives Europe, the Province of Trento, and the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio of Trento and Rovereto. It is devoted to the study of co-operatives and social enterprises, along various disciplinary perspectives. EURICSE is a centre for analysis and debate with a high scientific profile open to collaboration with the scientific community and, in particular, young researchers. The Institute also interacts directly with cooperatives and social enterprises themselves (see www.euricse.eu).

About the IRIS Network The Iris Network is an Italian Network that gathers the research institutes aiming to study social enterprises in Italy. It was established to support and disseminate empirical research and theoretical studies, with the goal of favouring a deeper understanding of social enterprises. Against this background, IRIS promotes debates and exchanges among institutes, research centres, universities and individual researchers, while also favouring the involvement of social entrepreneurs (see www.irisnetwork.it).