April 16th, 2009
Socially sustainable economic degrowth

Event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Bart Staes, organized by Vodo, The Club of Rome (EU chapter), R&D

The global economy has been growing for decades with a high speed, largely ignoring the warnings of "The Limits to Growth". But in a limited system, unlimited growth is impossible. It has to come to an end, the question is just when and how.

In spring 2008 a large international conference on degrowth was held in Paris. At that time, the economies were still growing. Meanwhile the situation has completely changed. The world economy has entered a recession and economic degrowth happens all over the World.

But instead of a planned and managed degrowth, there is now a deep crisis, a chaotic period of the global economy. Social imbalance might further increase.

Could we have done it better and can we do it better in the future? Is there a possibility of socially sustainable economic degrowth?

Which are the options for developed countries and how could developing countries (which still have to grow !) react to the situation?

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