April 17 to 19, 2009
Community Currencies Conference 2009
Wanganui, New Zealand

COMMUNITY CURRENCIES CONFERENCE 2009 (DRAFT): Creating Resilient Communities / Trading through troubled waters

Speakers: Designing - an energy-backed currency. Margaret Jeffries & others: (several people are working on this conversation – alcohol biofuels, electricity, firewood, food and …seaweed (James Redwood)

Printing Local Money: Representatives from Wairarapa and Golden Bay on their printed local currencies.

Sustainable Currencies: Christoph and Peter

Interest Free Money: Bryan Innes on creating a hybrid of the J.A.K model.

Healthy Money Healthy Planet: Deirdre Kent

The Power of Cooperatives: with its long successful history here is a model that works for business large and small providing the alternative to Corporatism.

Business Barter: Outlining NZ’s very successful Barter card

OOBY - Out of Our Own Backyards – Peter Russell from Waiheke will talk about a new internet trading systems based on sharing home production

The Barter Directory. Karen Russell will share about her experience setting up the very successful Australian Barter Directory at the beginning of the last recession.

LETS. History Now Future

Hawkes Bay E-Dollars. How NZ’s newest LETS grew to more than 70 members in less than 6 mths

NZs first Time Bank. Margaret Jeffries - A pilot project (in Lyttelton, Christchurch) that has attracted significant funding from a philanthropic Trust with the intention to share the findings at the end of the trial and encourage large scale up-take.

Converting National/Global Currency into Local Currency: Laurence Boomert