November 26, 2008
Conference on the Future of Money
Jean-François Noubel

This conference is intended for:

* Decision makers and top executives will be given major facts that are not part of their reality today. It will help them anticipate future markets and build first mover strategies. CEOs will understand new ways to monetize their inner organization and marketplaces in order to generate more wealth. * Social entrepreneurs will understand how soon-to-come monetary systems can liberate their potential and emancipate the civil society * Financial investors will see a huge opportunity to invest capital in the next monetary technologies. It is certainly the highest return on investment opportunity there might be today on the market. * Politicians will find powerful solutions to face poverty and monetary concentration * Players in the monetary world (accountants, economists, banks...) will have an opportunity to forecast what their profession and markets will be in the near future * Everyone will get a deep understanding of how cultures and belief systems unfold from monetary systems. They will see the link between a currency system and the potential for collective intelligence.