September 17 to 21, 2008
5th European Social Forum
Malmö, Sweden

The 5th ESF will this year take place in Malmö in the South of Sweden 17th to 21st of September. The main theme of the ESF-5 is: "Making another Europe possible! - East and West together, building alliances for struggles and alternatives." By placing ESF in the North of Europe new organisations are getting actively involved in the ESF-process.See our website,

Submit proposals for seminars and program activities. The ESF program is build by its participating organisations! You find the registration form at and all the necessary information about how the program is build and how to submit proposals at Please note that the dead-line is 31st of May! To discuss with possible cooperation partners you can also use the website For further information and questions please feel free to contact the program group of the Nordic organizing committee:

Nordic Organizing Committee:
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- Tel: +46 (0)709-346 920
- Postal address: c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
- Industrigatan 4
- 212 14 Malmö
- Sweden

Föreningen ESF Norden 2008
- 0709-346 920