January, 2008
Launch of the ProsperA network: social performance in microfinance

The ProsperA network was launched in Oaxaca, Mexico, in April 2007. It is an international network active in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Following the Asian Forum (Manila, 17-20 October 2007), microfinance actors decided to launch ProsperA Asia as a regional network aimed at organizing joint actions to promote social performance.

What is ProsperA?

ProsperA is an operational network of microfinance actors, based on the experience and initiatives of its members, that aims to promote social performance culture and practices via the capacity-building of MFIs and local networks.

ProsperA undertakes to promote social performance by defending a multiplicity of objectives: targeting the poor and excluded; improving services to meet the needs of target groups; generating benefits for clients, especially in terms of social capital; and promoting social responsibility toward workers, clients, the community and the environment.

ProsperA coordinates exchanges and joint action on the basis of the SPI tool and the initiatives of its members, particularly with respect to governance, impact and social performance assessment.

ProsperA members (Dec. 07)


FORO LAC FR, Latin America; Alpimed, El Salvador; FINRURAL, Bolivia; RFR, Ecuador; Colmena Milenaria, AMUCSS, Mexico; KNFP, Haiti; CIF, Burkina-Faso; Consortium Alafia, Benin; APIFM Madagascar; CERISE, PAMIGA, France.


Crecer, Promujer, Bolivia; Finca, Peru; Pilarh, Honduras; Sefia, Mexico; REFI- COM-CDRO, Fafides, Guatemala; ASC Union, Albania; ASHI, VEDCOR, Philip- pines; CCSF, Cambodia; CRG Guinea; INMAA, Morocco.

Support Organisations

CSR-SME, Philippines, FIDEV, Madagascar; AQUADEV, TRIAS, Belgium; CIDR, CIRAD, Entrepreneur du monde, IRAM, IRC, GRET, SIDI, France.

You can read its newsletter here => PDF - 59 kb

For more information, please contact the ProsperA steering committee: Cerise 00 33 (0) 1 40 36 92 92 www.cerise-microfinance.org cerise@globenet.org
Or regionally: Foro Lac Fr (informes@desempenosocial.org) for Latin America, FIDEV (crazaka1@yahoo.fr) for Africa, and CRS SME (benqjr117@yahoo.com) for Asia.