April, 2007
Forum on Solidarity Economy was launched in Japan
Yoko Kitazawa

Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) in Tokyo organized a Group to Study Solidarity Economy in Japan on March 27, 2007. This is a first attempt to set up National Forum on Solidarity Economy.

Forum is represented by Professor Jun Nishikawa of Faculty of political Economy of the Waseda University, Reiko Inoue, President of PARC, and Yoko Kitazawa, founder of PARC and journalist, and members are composed of 20 academics, researchers, NGO/NPO activists in various fields and actors of solidarity economy.

Solidarity Economy in Japan is identified as follows:

  • All Japan farmers cooperative (NOKYO),
  • consumers cooperatives (SEIKYO),
  • fisher peoples cooperatives (GYOREN),
  • forest workers association (SHINRIN KUMIAI),
  • all Japan association of small and medium-size enterprises (CHUSHO KIGYO ZENKOKUKAI),
  • workers mutual insurance cooperatives (ZENROSAI),
  • trade unions, NGOs,
  • non-profit organizations (NPOs),
  • workers collectives,
  • welfare cooperatives,
  • town-based small and independent shop owners associations (SHOTENGAI),
  • women’s unpaid work.

Forum meets once in a month, and till October 2007, members will continue to study major fields and actors of solidarity economy in Japan. English version of minutes will appear in PARC web site www.parc-jp.org

It will participate in the Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy to be held in Manila on October 17-20, 2007.

After the Asian Forum, it will explore a solidarity economy network in East Asia (Japan, Korea and China).

Yoko Kitazawa
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