September 9-12, 2003
Fair Trade Expo in Cancun, Mexico
During the WTO Ministerial Meeting — September 9-12, 2003 Cancun, Mexico

Celebrating and Expanding the Ethical and Sustainable Economy

Goals and Objectives

  1. Increase awareness of Fair Trade and create momentum for wider adoption of Fair Trade and eco-label purchasing by public and private institutions, companies, NGOs, and individuals.
  2. Expand coverage of Fair Trade initiatives (food, crafts, coffee) in international and national media, with a focus on North American and European media markets.
  3. Raise visibility about the needs and interests of small-scale producers in the global trading system and linking them with market opportunities, technical resources, and other producer organizations.
  4. Increase cooperation among producers, socially responsible businesses, labor unions, certification, marketing, development, human rights, policy analysis, advocacy and women’s organizations.
  5. Inform WTO negotiators and other government officials about Fair Trade’s contribution to sustainable development, Indigenous rights, poverty alleviation, food security, and women’s empowerment.

Main Activities

1. Tradeshow booths and displays from groups all over the world that are:

  • Producing, buying, or selling fairly traded goods (textiles, foods, crafts, coffee, etc.) and services.
  • Promoting Fair Trade and grassroots economic development via funding, credit, investment, procurement, labeling, certification, standards setting, advertising, promotion, marketing, policymaking, or advocacy.
  • Networking events will be organized to match interested buyers and sellers.

2. Symposium and Workshops
In collaboration with conference participants, IATP will organize an exciting program of workshops and roundtable sessions addressing a broad range of Fair Trade issues (e.g. Indigenous trade, marketing strategies, impacts on small producers of global trading practices like dumping, trends in ethical consumption, gender dimensions of Fair Trade, government procurement, lessons from certification programs, relationships to ISO, ILO, WTO, etc.). There will be a special track tailored to the needs of producer groups and the special role of Fair Trade in Mexico will be featured. Each day of the conference, visionaries and special guests will be invited to attract media and diverse participants.

3. Press Conference Facilities and Global Internet Radio Broadcasting
Extensive media outreach will be carried out prior to and during the event. A designated room will be available for media events and Fair Trade-related announcements, including but not limited to:

  • Government procurement/funding to support Fair Trade and other sustainable commerce initiatives.
  • Initiatives by companies that are Fair Trade veterans and those new to Fair Trade.
  • Policy announcements from governments and international/UN agencies.
  • Awards or other forms of recognition for Fair Trade organizations or leaders.
  • Public opinion and market survey results on Fair Trade.

Our Internet radio station "" will cover press conferences and events in English and Spanish.

4. Local Fair Trade Events
In addition to the Cancun activities, community organizations and student groups are planning local Fair Trade events around the time of the WTO to promote Fair Trade in their regions and to create opportunities for talking about trade issues to media, policymakers, and the public.

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