9-12 novembre, 2011
The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings: the social economy: a new development model ...on the way to Rio 2012
Chamonix, France

The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings that will be held from 9 to 12 November 2011, entitled “the social economy: a new development model?”, will develop a common position of the social economy to bring to the 2012 Rio summit.

The social economy: a new development model?

How is the social economy addressing today’s social and environmental challenges? How is it creating and distributing wealth? Does the social economy represent a model for sustainable development through its aims and practices?

These questions and more will be discussed during the 5th Mont Blanc Meetings. This will be an opportunity for social economy leaders to identify the role they play and the role they want to play and to launch and share concrete projects.

The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings on the road to Rio 2012

The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will take place a few months before the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which will be bringing together heads of state in Rio de Janeiro in spring 2012.

The Meetings will be the perfect platform for the social economy to question world policy-makers and show how the social economy can foster sustainable and inclusive development.

The Scientific Committee for these particular meetings is drafting a policy statement to be approved by participants and delivered at the Rio summit in 2012.

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