Section II: European P’Acts

Section II: European P’Acts

Milestones in the process of constructing the Association European P’acts : January-June 2012.

The Association contributes to the achievement of its objectives as :
- Members of Rio+20 Collective wich has beento preparing the Earth Summit (2012), since 2011.
- Founding members of the European Network of Social and Solidarity Economy (RIPESS Eu), since 2011
- As Observers the monitoring 2020 strategy platform of the Committee on European Regions, since 2011
- Continued support of the FPH (Foundation for the Progress of Humankind, France, Switzerland).

- An General Meeting (Paris) decided to enlarge the project to an European level. Was change the Association’s name becomes P’ACTES Européens (French) and European P’ACTS (English) and added the following definition : "From Local to Global : Building Europe".
- The Association undertakes the preparation of a Grundtvig Project "Learning partnerships"(2) with the participation of seven countries: Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg Portugal, Scotland. Title : Learning and Cooperation Platform towards European Territories in which Solidarity prevails
- Participation in the RIO+20 Collective in Porto Alegre (Brazil) for the launch of the Citizens Summit.
(1) See:
(2) The Grundtvig Learning Partnership is a framework for practical co-operation activities between organisations working in the field of adult learning in the broadest sense - formal, non-formal or informal.

- The Association represented by Priscila Soares (Portuguese), participated in the first meeting of the Organizing Committee (RIPESS Europe).
- Priorities of the 2012-2013 agreement with the FPH and the Association decisions for strengthening the network to "build a convergence of objectives and approach organizations in activities undertaken jointly" in France, Europe and including Intercontinental Social and Solidarity Economy relations (Manila, Philippines, 2013).

- Berlin Meeting : General Assembly. The Association membership included 12 members from 7 European countries.
- Berlin Meeting opened a new cycle of « Learning Journeys » (LJ) events, which will be more open to Europe English speakers. The meeting was an opportunity to improve understanding and discuss the future launch of the Grundtvig Project.
- The working Groups were well structured and articulated themes and practices. Discussions were used to present different approaches to similar problems.
- Berlin Meeting emphasized the relevance of the triptych of practice, theory and policy. This was a memorable innovative approach. _(3)See: 21 mars 2012 Lancement des P’actes Européens à Berlin

- Skype Meeting of RIPESS Europe : decisions takes on priority of activities for 2012.
- Newsletter sent to European P’acts List (600 registered), sharing information that reflect a positive trend  on European Union employment policies.
- Inter-ESS Group meeting of the European Parliament for European policies for economic alternatives" opened by the European Commissioner Michel Barnier.
- Article published (French/English) in the IHECS (Institute of Advanced Studies of Social Communications) Newsletter in Brussels ; sent to the European Networks to promote the signing on RIO+20 meeting propositions.

- Response to the Committee of European Regions Survey on "the new common strategic framework 2014-2020": The interesting project is facing a crisis of legitimacy.

- Skype Meeting of RIPESS Europe : first Newsletter, RIO+20 meeting delegation.
- « RIO+20 extended » (June 20th): “Acts and projects for territorial anchoring and democratic participation in sustainable development”, three hours of dialogue between interested public from 5 regions in France and Brazil,  demonstrating the working participants’ expertise, using communication technology and freeware.

- A horizontal cross-membership between the Europeans P’acts and ADEPES (Regional Agency for Development and Promotion of the Solidarity Economy in Midi-Pyrenées) is formalized at the General Assembly (June 29) reflecting the existence of partnerships, initiated at the LUX’09 meeting (2009) between the two neighboring regions and within RIPESS Europe.

- The 6th Summer University of Montpellier DIDERIS (Continuing Education, Univ. Montpellier1) "Territories, economic and social issues: commitment of those already involved ". CRES (Regional Chamber of Social Economy) and European P’acts prepared and facilitated the Workshop.

- Positive response to the Grundtvig Project application: Germany, Scotland, France, Italy, Luxembourg confirmed; Ireland, Italy, Portugal awaited.

Launch the series of meetings: 3 to 5 October in Poitiers.

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