Democratic participation and territorial anchorage/ PACTES LOCAUX.

“The experience forms and takes form” : Perspectives for 2010-2011

Local Pacts since 1998

The approach of making local pacts to improve social cohesion started in France with a manifesto aimed at parliamentarians: act local, build a long-term legal framework rather than introduce stopgap emergency measures. They proposed a partnership-based dynamic that brings all stakeholders together: business, elected representatives, associations, social workers, and the unemployed. This new way approach to relationships requires “jointly analyzing the situation, negotiating shared objectives and the implementation of a strict but flexible brief”. With the support of the Foundation for the Progress of Humankind they developed and disseminated the lessons learnt in a booklet describing about 50 expe­riences in 2001, followed by a hand­book of proposals in 2004, called “1+1=3”.

2005: Maturity, a formal association, a European presence.

Although often both culturally and geographically distant from one another, the approach spread beyond the borders of France: the local is the concept of territory, and the pact, cooperation; The concept has developed and evolved. P’Act also implies ACTING together with those who share the approach and the commitment to reconstruct an economic and social pact capable of facing the challenges.

President : France Joubert: +33 670 001 467;
European Representative to the RIPESS Europe : Maria Priscila Soares
General Secretary: Martine Theveniaut: +33 468 699 288;
Headquarters: 5 rue de Cadène F – 11580 Alet les Bains

Aloe has hosted the Pactes Locaux « Democratic participation and territorial anchorage » since 2009. We plan to continue with this co-operation in 2010-11. We jointly invite you to contribute to these activites.

The theme falls into one of the areas developed by ALOE: Alternatives and solidarity-based innovations leading to socio-economic change. It intersects one of the ALOE projects, selected under the Tender for Proposals 2009-2010. The latter includes a certain number of partners, many from Asia, in the oreparatory process of the Vth Intercontinental RIPESS Meeting, scheduled to take place in Manila in 2013.


The project is divided in two sections:

First section: Territory and solidarity

Towards a shared framework of reference: documenting the territorial approach tothe organisation of solidarity (follow-up to the LUX’09 Workshop 7)

This aspect is part of the International and European action plan to implement a policy based on « the proof of the pudding is in the eating » This section ails to document experiences and « case-studies». You are invited to contribute by filling in the attached form (available in three languages)

Second section : « European P’Acts 2012-2014»,

This is all out­lined in the 2nd Proposal Handbook in 2011 “Making a p’act” to pool, progress and create.

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