Internetwork Assembly/Energy Projects as a cause of criminalization and ecological debt

The proposal of carrying out an Internetwork Assembly on Energy Projects as a cause of Criminalization and Ecological Debt is part of a long process of several networks and organizations that have been analyzing and acting to face the impacts generated by the dominant economic pattern, that has been imposed at a global level, on the local, national and regional economies.

These processes are linked basically with the energy projects - the oil exploitation, hydroelectric infrastructure and at the moment the biofuel production - the financial topics - specifically the external debt of the countries of the South, the role of the IFIS and the financing of these projects - and their social, economic and environmental impacts.

The dominant model that threatens local life forms and economies, also generated a high local level of conflict that regrettably has been criminalized, an example of it being the indigenous genocide that is happening for the moment in the Amazon area of Bagua in Peru.

In front of these situations, the demand of the ecological debt is winning strength. In the context of the debates about climate change, governments as the one of the Bolivian President Evo Morales, are claiming the climate debt.

These topics converge at the moment in the framework of the discussion on climate change and the Protocol of Kioto, towards the 5th Conference of the parties in the Framework Convention on Climate Change to be carried out in Copenhagen in December 2009. It is indispensable to provoke an impact on the focus of the debates, the background causes and concrete proposals to avoid the worsening of the climate change that affects mainly the communities and towns of the South.

With all these antecedents and in this context it is indispensable to build a combined position and strategy with Networks and social Movements, to stop climate changes, the criminalization of the resistance, and to strengthen the demands of payment of the ecological debt from the North with the South, to favor sustainable economies.

We intend to carry out the Assembly in Ecuador as already exists the experience of the Integral Audit of the Public Credit and the Initiative Yasuní-ITT proposed by civil society and impelled by the national Government. The demand on ecological debt has been impelled with strength by Acción Ecológica.

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