See also the publications in French and Spanish

The Resilience Imperative. Co-operative Transitions to a Steady-State Economy
Mike Lewis and Pat Conaty, Canada
# New Society Publishers in June 2012.

Small Change, Big Deal. Money as if people mattered.
Jennifer Kavanagh, Great-Britain
# Business Books, March 2012

The Transition Companion Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times
Rob Hopkins, UK
# Chelsea Green Publishing, USA, oct.2011

Fixing Global Finance. A Developing Country Perspective on Global Financial Reforms
Kavaljit Singh, India
# Madhyam (New Delhi) and SOMO (Amsterdam), 2011

Enough is enough: Ideas for a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources
Global Justice for All and Casse, UK
# July 1, 2010

Film: This Land is our land
David Bollier
# 1 of December 2010

The Human Economy
Keith Hart, Jean-Louis Laville and Antonio David Cattani Editors
# Polity, Cambridge, october 2010

Eminent Corporations: the Rise and Fall of the Great British Corporation
Andrew Simms and David Boyle
# New Economics Foundation, September 2010

The Worth of Social Economy: an International Perspective
Québec, 2009
# CIRIEC (ed.) edited by Marie J. Bouchard

The end of Money and the Future of Civilization
Thomas H. Greco Jr., United States
# Chelsea Green Publ., April 2009

"Prosperity without growth"? The transition to a sustainable economy
Pr. Tim Jackson, Sustainable Development Commission, UK
# April 2009

A non-patriarchal economy is possible: looking at solidarity economy from different cultural facets
Ben Quiñones, Alfonso Cotera, Yvon Poirier et Emily Kawano, Pierre Johnson et Tara Delillle
# April 2009

Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice: Women write political ecology
Edited by Ariel Salleh, Australia
# London & New York: Pluto Press, 2009

The new economics of sustainable consumption : Seeds of change
Gill Seyfang, UK
# Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

Ecological Economics, Vol 68, Issue 3
Elsevier, United States
# 15 January 2009

The Real Weath of Nations: Creating a caring economy
Riane Eisler, USA, 2008
# Berrett-Koehler Publishers

From the ashes of the crash: 20 first steps from new economics to rebuild a better economy
Andrew Simms, GB, 2008
# The new economics foundation, nef

The Green Collar Economy: How one solution can fix our two biggest problems
by Van Jones, United States
# Harper-Collins, 2008

Exchanging visions on a plural, responsible and solidarity-based economy -RPSE
Organized and edited by Marcos Arruda, Brasil
# November 2008

Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
by Margaret Atwood, Canada
# House of Anansi Press, Oct 2008

The shock doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism
Naomi Klein, Canada
# Random House of Canada Limited, September 2007

Solidarity Economy: building alternatives for People and Planet
By Julie Matthaei, Jenna Allard & Carl Davidson, USA, 2008
# ChangeMaker Publications

An Economics for Well-Being
Rajni Bakshi, India
# Centre for Education and Documentation, Mumbai & Bangalore, 2007

Economic Actors’ Participation in Social and Environmental Responsibility
Coordinated by Vincent Commenne, France, 2006
# Editions Charles Léopold Mayer

Ethical Markets: Growing The Green Economy
Hazel Henderson with Simran Sethi, USA
# Chelsea Green Publishing, 2006

Healthy Money, healthy planet: Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems
Craig Potton publishing, June 2005.
# by Deirdre Kent

Small is beautiful: Study of economics as if people mattered
E. F. Schumacher, England
# 1973, Vintage Edition (2d edition 1993)