Permanent Team

    Françoise Wautiez
Information coordinator
Economist specialized in ecological economy. Promoter of the first experiences of Social Money in Chile, 1999. Co-author of the book Sustainability Local Indicators (Lom Ediciones, Instituto de Ecologia Politica, Santiago de Chile, 1999).

Global Animation Team (GAT)

    Marcos Arruda
Economist and educator. Specialized in Solidarity Economy. General coordinator of PACS (Institute of Alternatives Policies for the Southern Cone) in Rio de Janeiro. Member of the Transnational Institute, in Amsterdam. Author of several articles and books on the reality of the Solidarity Economy in Brazil.

    Leida Rijnhout
Belgium Coordinator Co-ordinator of the Flemish Platform on Sustainable Development (VODO), Belgium. VODO has 26 member-organisations, coming from the North/South-movement, environmental- and peace-movement. Works on Sustainable Development, Local Agenda 21, the concepts of 'sustainability mirror', an instrument that helps to create a dialogue between various local groups and local authorities; the 'ecological footprint' and the concept of 'ecological debt'. Member of ENRED (European Network of the Recognition of Ecological Debt).

    Ben Quiñones
President, CSRSME Asia. CSRSME Asia is a coalition of individuals and institutions working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The major thrust of CSRSME Asia’s work is the promotion of social responsibility among SMEs and their linkage to socially responsible investors (SRIs). Among the brainchilds of CSRSME Asia are the Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy, the Asia Pacific Solidarity Invest Program, the Bayanihan Banking Window, and the Bayanihan Invest Program.

    Laurent Fraisse
Socioeconomist, specialized in Solidarity Economy, third sector and in inclusion policies. Responsible for the socio-economy research at CRIDA (Centre de Recherche et d'Information sur la Démocratie et l'Autonomie), CNRS center. Member of MES (Movement for a Social Economy).

Web site

    Franck Fourmental
Web site coordinator
Free-lance consultant and webmaster. Specialized in the development of Internet collaborative tools.