Launching of the new web portal: Asian Alliance for Solidarity Economy
January 2009

The Coalition of Socially Responsible Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia (CSRSME Asia) have developed a web portal ( for the Asian Alliance for Solidarity Economy (AASE). The objective of the aa4se portal is to amplify policies and programs that support the advancement of solidarity economy in Asia.

The aa4se web portal is initially offering e-Registration, member verification (member profile), social networking (networks, blogs, forums) and e-Bulletin. More e-Services will be added giving users the option to transact through aa4se web portal at their own convenience.

For its utmost usage, other features of the aa4se web portal are undergoing reconstruction. Sections on networks, forums and blogs are being updated to promote more and sustained networking and alliance building among various organizations and networks involved in the dynamics of solidarity economy. In this regard, we are inviting you to visit our web portal, join our virtual community and learn more about solidarity economy initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region as you continue journeying with us.

Your Solidarity Economy-related news and current events and articles are very much welcome for our publication through the portal.